Hybrid Carbon Spherogels

We can prepare hybrid carbon spherogels, in particular TiO2 loaded, by adding a titania precursor to the sol. Both TEM micrographs in Fig. A show the homogeneous distribution of a TiO2 layer in the sphere walls on the inner side.  


We also concentrate on the preparation of monolithic, hybrid carbon spherogel samples. As an example, you can see in Fig. B the RF/titania version and on the right the hybrid carbon spherogel.

By a subsequent heat treatment we are able to crystallize the amorphous titania layer to rutile and anatase. The TEM micrograph in Fig. C shows the precence of these nanocrystallites in the carbon spheres.

Under actual research are magnetite loaded carbon spherogels, which show magnetic propeties. In Fig. D you can see such a sample, loaded with magnetite nanoparticles.